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Renovating or building. Do it right. Use LED lighting

LED Lighting can save 80% on lighting costs. Retrofit LED lights to replace halogen down lights and other lighting. Save energy and money. Improve lighting in your house today.
Improve your bottom line by reducing your energy and maintenance bills by up to 90%. Swap out for smart lighting, on when you need it on, and off when not needed.
  • Well lit bedroom with downlights and more

    LED at home lighting in its simpler forms has been in use for a few years with many of us having used it in the form of Christmas lights, flash lights and other portables.

    However, it was only relatively recently that LED lighting emerged as the new direction for lighting up your home. In fact you could say that it came and it conquered!

    Almost everywhere you look lighting experts and interior designers are citing LED home lighting as the future of domestic lighting. When compared to conventional lighting technologies like incandescent and compact florescent lights, LED lights offer enormous benefits to home owners in terms of energy savings, cost savings, safety, reliability, environmental friendliness and pure aesthetic appeal.
  • Reduce Wasted Heat

    It’s a fact that conventional lighting technologies are known to emit as much as 98% of the electricity consumed as waste heat, LED lights are designed for greater conversion efficiency of more than 95% with negligible heat loss.

    An additional benefit of this high efficiency and negligible heat generation is that unlike conventional lighting technologies, LED lights are not hot to touch and they do no impact room temperature. How many times have you sat in a room perhaps reading a newspaper or a book and noticed the uncomfortable heat from a halogen or CFL light.
  • Save 90% On Lighting Costs

    For the environmentally aware these are huge benefits and as if they’re not enough right at the core of the decision to buy are the significant cost savings homeowners make when they adopt LED Lights.

    LED lights win hands down when it comes to cost effectiveness. Not only is the cost of electricity to run LED lights far less, their maintenance cost is significantly lower when compared to their conventional equivalents. In fact estimated savings achieved by using LED lighting Versus old incandescent globes are around 90%.
  • Safety Plus

    Older fittings that have incandescent light or compact fluorescent globes, generate an enormous amount of heat as you may have found out if you ever touched one. So much heat in fact that it is generally agreed that they can become a definite fire hazard.

    Digilight LEDs run at far lower temperatures, around 25 C, meaning that your risk of fire due to super hot lighting is just about eliminated.